Someone Cares: A Puppy Pit Stop

Their pet friendly break area became a great way to connect with neighbors and other furry friends alike.

Posted in , May 27, 2021

Illustration of a dog taking a break at the pit stop; Illustration by Coco Masuda

One spring day, my boyfriend, Andrew, and I were walking our dog, Bronson, through our neighborhood. It was warm, and I could tell Bronson was getting thirsty. We had to cut our walk short to go home and get him a drink. That’s when Andrew and I got the idea to build a water station in our front yard for the neighborhood dogs to use.

Andrew set out a low table with a tub of water, some dog treats, even toys. We made a sign inviting passersby and their furry friends to drop by our puppy pit stop anytime they needed.

We’ve had so much fun watching families and their pets enjoy our little break area. Folks have come by to thank us. Some have left notes of appreciation. Andrew even found a new job through one of our regular visitors. It’s been a great way to feel more connected to our neighbors—human and canine.

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