Someone Cares: Art from the Heart

A mother's appreciation for her daughter's childhood art on Valentine's Day.

Posted in , Jan 24, 2020

A Valentine's Day card with a cat on it next to an actual feline.

A few years ago, I took an adult class in cartooning. I’ve always enjoyed drawing but hadn’t done much since college—more than 20 years earlier. I felt rusty at first but kept at it and saw improvement.

I used my refreshed skills to make my mom a Valentine’s Day card. I drew several cartoon cats, one holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Mom loved it! She displayed it on a bookcase.

As I took a good look around the room, I noticed a papier-mâché seal wearing a red and yellow hat, a clay dinosaur, a plaster cast of my fingers playing piano—all created by me before the age of 14. Mom still displayed them all like priceless art. It hit me how much she appreciates my efforts. What a wonderful Valentine!

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