Someone Cares: Attitude of Gratitude

How collecting cards with gratitude became a Thanksgiving tradition.

Posted in , Oct 4, 2019

An artist's rendering of a 'Thank You' not with a pop up Thanksgiving turkey inside.

The question at the end of one November morning’s devotion gave me pause: For what are you most thankful in this season?

Hmm… I’m always thankful for my home and family, but that didn’t seem specific enough. I walked around the house, looking for the latest reasons to be thankful. New chair, new freezer, new computer? All nice—but not why I was most thankful. Then my eye fell on the basket hanging on my living room wall.

Whenever I get a thank-you note, a birthday card or a letter from someone thinking of me, I put it in that basket. Of course! I’m most thankful for the people who take the time to tell me they care. With a grateful heart, I sat down to send Thanksgiving cards to the people who’ve reached out to me.

It has since become a favorite Thanksgiving tradition, one I look forward to every year. I hope receiving the cards enhances the season for my friends as much as sending them does for me.

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