Someone Cares: Box of Love

A pair of friends send a care package box to their friend in need.

Posted in , Apr 25, 2019

A box full of care items and a note that says "we love you" attached to the lid.

I’m worried about her,” Heather said about a mutual friend of ours who’d recently had a baby. “She hasn’t been out of the house in two weeks, and she cries all the time. Do you think she has postpartum depression?”

I remembered how debilitating my own PPD had been. I’d lost all my energy and been tormented by dark thoughts. Even after I had a diagnosis, it took weeks—for antidepressants to kick in and my hormones to stabilize—before I was ready to be around other people.

Heather and I decided to make our friend a “depression care package” with gifts new moms rarely splurge on for themselves: warm fuzzy socks, a decadent candy bar, a glossy home decorating magazine, face masks, bath bombs, a candle, a notebook. Small things that said “we love you.”

We gave the box to our friend’s husband in case she wasn’t up for company. The next day she sent a text to tell us she was so grateful for the gifts and was using the notebook as a prayer journal. We’re glad we could show her we’re here for her.

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