Someone Cares: Cheerful Giver

Her thoughtful treasures make those who receive her gift bundles cheerful.

Posted in , Aug 26, 2020

An artist's rendering of everyday items along with a perfume.

My heart broke when I saw the e-mail from my coworker Renda. Her parents’ home had burned down. Renda’s people were safe. But they’d lost everything. Renda asked folks at work to donate gently used items to help get her parents back on their feet.

I packed a box with towels, some kitchen utensils and a set of bowls. Then a thought bubbled up. Give Renda’s mom a bottle of perfume. She’d probably enjoy something personal.

I reached for a rarely used scent. Another thought came. Hey, don’t give her a cast-off. Make it one of your favorites. I’d just bought an angelic fragrance that made my senses sing. Could I part with it for a stranger? I tucked it in with the everyday items, feeling suddenly cheerful.

A few days later, Renda confirmed my impulse. “My mom loved the perfume,” she said. “She appreciated getting something delicate among all the practical stuff.” Now whenever someone has a need, I look for a treasure to share. It makes giving even sweeter.

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