Someone Cares: Cheers!

She was determined to make New Year's Eve special every year.

- Posted on Nov 24, 2017

An illustration of a lobster holding a flute of bubbly champagne.

Tony, my late husband, once declared: “New Year’s Eve is for amateurs. Let’s stay in and do lobsters and Champagne.” It became our tradition.

Sometimes it was just the two of us; other times we had a dinner party for a small group of friends. We did this for 27 years. It was always a memorable night!

After Tony passed away, my sister tried to make my first Christmas as a widow as nice as possible; I wasn’t up for it. But I was still determined to make New Year’s special. I invited over all my single female friends for lobster and Champagne.

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To my delight, nine friends RSVP’d “yes” for that first one. I supplied the lobsters; they brought most of the fixings—even a couple extra lobster pots. We cooked the lobsters, had a blast gabbing during dinner and made it to the TV just in time to watch the ball drop.

This year, I’ll be hosting my sixth party. I’ve enjoyed celebrating with good friends over these years. I think Tony will be smiling down on us as we lift our glasses.

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