Someone Cares: Class Act

They donated 150 uniforms for an inspiring educational cause.

Posted in , May 25, 2018

Someone Cares: Class Act

My forty-fifth high school class reunion was coming up. The planning was going well—a friend’s husband even suggested decorating with 45s to play up the theme.

One day, a couple classmates and I were taking a stroll down memory lane. Someone brought up Mrs. Wolff, our beloved typing teacher. I mentioned that her daughter, Trina, had formed the Mark and Trina Ramsey Foundation with her husband. One of their missions is distributing school uniforms to students in Cambodia.

The school system there requires uniforms, and children from families that can’t afford to buy them end up leaving school to work in rice fields with their parents.

My friend Debbie and I thought it would be great if our class gave other students the opportunity to go to school. After we spread the word, we collected enough money to donate 150 uniforms! I think Mrs. Wolff would be so glad to know she’s still helping kids learn.

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