Someone Cares: Cookie Chain

This sweet chain reaction started after a simple act of kindness.

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Someone Cares: Cookie Chain

Last year I decided to do one nice thing a day for Lent. I braided my sister’s hair, talked to strangers in the elevator and reached out to old friends. But I’m still amazed by what happened with the Tim Tams. I’ve been obsessed with the chocolate covered cookies since a coworker brought them back from Australia. They’re now sold in the United States, and they are delicious dipped in tea.

I decided to pass along a package to three people: a new colleague, a friend who lives far away and an author I work with frequently.

The author loved them! She left me a voicemail saying she found them at a store near her. I was surprised to hear that she’d also given Tim Tams to three people. She had continued the cookie chain without even knowing it. I guess we’re lucky our friends didn’t give up sweets for Lent!

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