Someone Cares: Devoted

Her extra devotional and prayers now helps her former student far from home.

Posted in , Nov 26, 2021

An illustration of an open devotional and a festive mug; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Every year, I get an extra copy of my favorite devotional (full disclosure: it’s Daily Guideposts), and I pray about who I should give it to. I ask God to direct me to a person who would benefit from reading it each day, just the way I do.

Last spring, my extra devotional copy was still sitting on a bookshelf. One Thursday, I bumped into Carlie, a former student from my time as a high-school English teacher. I asked her what she planned to do after her ​​upcoming graduation. Carlie said she was taking a gap year before heading off to college. She would be teaching children at a school and helping support new mothers at a clinic in Knynsa, South Africa. Immediately, I knew who would be getting my extra devotional.

Now, as I read the devotions each day, I pray for Carlie, supporting her as she helps others far from home.

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