Someone Cares: Done!

How a loving reminder from her husband encouraged her accomplishments.

Posted in , Jan 24, 2020

A checklist

The end of last summer was an especially busy time for me. I wrote out daily to-do lists spanning several pages. When I crossed off only a small portion of my list each day, I grew discouraged. “I’m working so hard, but I don’t feel like I’m actually getting anything done,” I told my husband, Eric, nearly every night.

One night, he shook his head. “That’s not true,” he said. “You’re accomplishing a lot, and I can prove it.” Eric handed me a small notepad. “You’ve been beating yourself up over your to-do lists, so I made you a did-it list.” 

I flipped through the notepad. Eric had dated each page and written down things he’d seen me do. Made his favorite dinner. Helped our kids with homework. Gave the dog her medicine. Really listened when our son talked. Read bedtime stories and listened to prayers.

Eric’s did-it list was a loving reminder of the truly important things I do each day.

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