Someone Cares: Double Birthday

She honored her late father by donating football gear to a baby born on his birthday.

Posted in , Sep 25, 2020

A baby in Green Bay Packers merchandise and a cheesehead hat.

My daughter Brenda called from Virginia. “I’ve got a great way to honor Dad,” she said. “Let’s send some Packers gear to the hospital for a baby born on his birthday.” It was a year after my husband, Eugene, had passed away. Brenda got the idea from a local news story about a woman who donated a special gift for the first child born on the day her mother would have turned 100.

Eugene was a huge Green Bay Packers fan, a proud Cheesehead. He was a season ticket holder; the kids had even bought him a brick at Lambeau Field. It read: “Packers play, can’t be late; farm and cows will have to wait.”

Brenda ordered some Packers baby items and had them shipped to her sister Sharon, here in Wisconsin. Once Sharon got the go-ahead from Aspirus Wausau Hospital, she wrapped the gift and dropped it off there along with a note.

I don’t know which new baby received the Packers gear, but I do know Eugene would have been thrilled to welcome another Cheesehead into the world.

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