Someone Cares: Earth Friendly

A woman's childhood habit of collecting empty bottles for the deposit money evolves into a way to help to keep her local parks clean.

Posted in , Jul 28, 2017

An artist's rendering of a woman holding up a bag full of recycling

As a child, I’d pick up discarded pop bottles. It helped keep my neighborhood neat. Plus, when I returned the bottles to the store for their deposit, I got money to buy penny candy.

That habit has stayed with me into adulthood—except now I also pick up the litter I find in the parks near my home. And instead of spending the deposit refunds on candy, I save them to donate to my favorite environmental organizations at the end of the year.

Not only am I keeping our parks clean for people to enjoy now, but I am also helping preserve the earth for future generations. Good stewardship feels good.

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