Someone Cares: Egging Each Other On

How these plastic Easter eggs became a source of comfort to socially distanced friends and family.

Posted in , Mar 26, 2021

A blue Easter egg with a message inside; Illustration by Coco Masuda

I cleaned out a closet last April and found a bag of plastic Easter eggs. I showed them to my four children, who had been bored and lonely ever since the Covid pandemic shut down their school and activities. “Let’s ‘egg’ your friends!” I said. My kids wrote little notes like “You are an egg-cellent friend” and “I’m so egg-cited to see you” to put inside the eggs. We included some candy and other surprises. That evening, I texted their friends’ mom to let her know what we were up to, then dropped off the eggs at their house. In the morning, there was a fun surprise waiting for my kids’ friends.

The friends loved it and “egged” another family that night. The eggs traveled through the neighborhood—after being disinfected at each home—and brought joy to all of us. We texted each other photos of our kids when they found the eggs. My favorite was when our neighbors “egged” us with real eggs laid by their ducks. It was a great way to feel close to friends and neighbors even when we were apart.

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