Someone Cares: Feeling Lucky

How a neighborhood shamrock hunt brought their community closer on St. Patrick’s Day during the pandemic.

Posted in , Feb 26, 2021

Shamrocks in various windows; Illustration by Coco Masuda

I called my three children—ages eight, four and three—into the kitchen, where I’d laid out supplies for a special craft project. “I know how sad you are that the St. Patrick’s Day parade was canceled because of Covid-19, so we’re starting a neighborhood shamrock hunt,” I said. The kids got busy making shamrocks with construction paper and crayons.

When our schools closed in early March last year, I knew that keeping my kids occupied would be challenging. I’d done small scavenger hunts for them in the past, but this time I wanted to get our community involved. I created a Facebook page to let folks know about the hunt and even sent a message to the mayor. I asked people to make shamrocks and display them in windows and on garage doors. Then, when St. Patrick’s Day arrived, everyone could walk through the neighborhood, hunting for shamrocks.

On our St. Patrick’s Day walk, my kids were so excited to spot shamrocks and to wave at our friends and neighbors. It made our community feel connected while socially distancing and reminded us how lucky we are to have one another.

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