Someone Cares: Go Bananas

This lunchlady wrote encouraging messages on bananas for students to enjoy.

Posted in , Jan 25, 2019

A talking banana saying phrases of encouragement and positivity.

Working in an elementary school lunchroom, as I have for nearly 15 years, requires getting up and leaving the house well before my own two little girls wake up. My husband gets them ready in the morning, but I make up their lunches the night before. I always write them notes on their napkin or banana so they know I’m thinking of them.

One evening, my mom was over. We chatted as I made the girls’ lunch. “I wish there were more I could do to encourage the kids at my school,” I said. “How about that?” my mom asked, gesturing to the banana I was putting in my daughter’s lunch. On it I’d just written, “I love you to infinity and beyond!” I pondered the idea. Two bananas were one thing; could I handle a whole school?

I got started bright and early the next morning: “Choose happiness,” “You are loved,” “Work hard.” The kids flipped over their “talking bananas.” I saw huge smiles and students sharing the messages with their classmates. I got a lot of high fives and hugs. The PTA loved the idea. The idea caught on at our local high school too. I guess you’re never too old to enjoy an encouraging word, especially if it comes from a talking banana!

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