Someone Cares: Gold Star Service

She showed her appreciation for this essential worker’s service with golden rewards.

Posted in , Jan 25, 2021

A grocery worker bagging items; Illustration by Coco Masuda

The grocery cashier handed me my receipt, pointing out the survey at the bottom. “If you go online and tell how we did today, we’d appreciate it,” she said.

I only half-listened. I never bothered to do those surveys.

“If an employee gets enough positive comments from customers, we receive a pin like this,” she said, tapping the gold star that was pinned to her shirt.

Joe the bagger said, “I’m the only one here who doesn’t have a star.”

Joe was in his forties and had a disability. He had worked at the grocery store for years and always been kind to my kids.

In the car, I used my phone to fill out the online survey. Had an employee given me especially good service? I typed in Joe’s name. I texted friends and family who shopped at the store and told them about Joe and the survey.

A few weeks later, Joe had not one but two gold stars pinned to his uniform. His proud smile was shining even brighter than those stars. Why not let essential workers know how much you appreciate their service?

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