Someone Cares: Good Neighbor Policy

These small acts of kindness she does to help her neighbors out always makes them smile.

Posted in , Jul 26, 2018

Someone Cares: Good Neighbor Policy

I have two neighbors who have trouble getting their trash bins out to the street for collection each week. One neighbor is 72 and uses a walker and an oxygen tank. The other is 34, has multiple sclerosis and carries a cane.

One Sunday night a couple years ago, I got home and noticed these neighbors still had their bins by the house, instead of at the curb for the next morning’s collection. I offered to take the bins out. The next day, it didn’t make sense to leave them out by the street, so I wheeled both empty bins back up the house, and I have continued to do so every week.

My neighbors always say “Thank you, Pat!” with a big smile. What little thing can you do to make the people around you happier?

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