Someone Cares: Happy Jar

Her husband surprised her on Valentine's Day during her preganancy.

Posted in , Jan 24, 2020

A jar full of pink notes of encouragement.

I was an emotional wreck during my pregnancy after two previous miscarriages. By February, I was around six months along. I developed sciatica pains, and everything I did hurt. I missed the stress relief I got from working out. My mood plummeted.

My husband, Javier, and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. So it was a big—but welcome—surprise when he presented me with a jar filled with pink slips of paper. “This is your happy jar,” he said. He had written a compliment or hopeful message on each piece of paper: “You will be an amazing mother,” “You make me a better person,” “You are absolutely gorgeous.” Javier instructed me to dip into the jar and read a note whenever I felt down.

Those pink notes helped me so much. How blessed I am to have such a loving husband, a man who is a great example for our healthy baby boy, Lorenzo.

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