Someone Cares: Happy May Day!

How her granddaughter made her remember the first day of May with a special gift.

Posted in , Apr 25, 2019

A green basket full of blooming daffodils.

Ding-dong. I opened the door, but no one was there.

“Look,” my three-year-old daughter, Micah, said, pointing to a basket of flowers. Happy May Day! said the card, signed by the girls next door. I remembered something my grandmother had told me: She too used to celebrate the holiday by giving backyard flowers to her friends and neighbors.

After Micah’s nap, we headed out to the yard. Our daffodils were in full bloom. We took two to the girls next door, then drove to my grandma’s assisted-living facility.

At Grandma’s door, Micah held up a single daffodil. “Happy May Day!” she announced. Grandma’s eyes lit up. “Happy May Day to you too!” she said. The three of us gave daffodils to all the ladies on that wing. Just like Grandma, they fondly recalled giving flowers the first day of May.

Micah is 16 now. My husband’s grandmother moved to a retirement facility this winter. Guess what we’ll be bringing her and her new neighbors this May Day?

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