Someone Cares: Healing Shared

She gave this special ornament to another family in need of its healing abilities.

- Posted on Nov 24, 2017

The Christmas ornament depicting Jesus cradling a newborn baby in his arms.

The first Christmas after I lost my son to preterm birth, I received a special gift—an ornament showing Jesus tenderly cradling a newborn. The image comforted me.

In time, my grief eased. I gave birth to twin girls, now 16. Last November, after I read an obituary in our local paper for a stillborn baby girl, I found myself thinking about that ornament.

I’d hung it on my tree each year. But could I put it to better use? The idea kept coming to mind.

"If we can get Guideposts inspirational stories into the hands of people who may not have a devotional life, they can share the true-life stories of how God works in the world. The joy of Guideposts is their free, donated magazines - they allow me to help all the people who I am called on to serve."

-Rob Carter,  Nyack Hospital's Director of Pastoral Care

Finally I wrote a note to the baby’s parents about the healing the ornament had brought me and the help I’d found through a local support group. I put the note and ornament in a gift bag and dropped it off at the grieving couple’s house.

A few weeks later, I received a heartfelt thank-you from the mother. I’m glad to know the ornament eased someone else’s pain. Maybe someday these parents will be able to pass it to another family in need.

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