Someone Cares: His Watchful Eye

These crafts made out of colorful yarn let soldiers know that they were praying for them.

- Posted on May 24, 2019

Someone Cares: His Watchful Eye

When my oldest daughter got orders for South Korea after graduating from West Point, I taught the kids in my Sunday school class to make Ojos de Dios, or God’s eyes, out of Popsicle sticks and yarn in red, white and blue or camouflage colors. We sent the crafts to her platoon, along with letters telling her soldiers we were praying for them.

Over the next few years, my three sons and other daughter also joined the Army. Their units got God’s eyes too, as did my sons-in-law, a nephew and everyone’s friends. We sent about 200 a year to Iraq and Afghanistan! One of the other moms in my Blue Star mothers’ group worked at a Veterans Administration hospital. She delivered some in person; I mailed some.

Now I make God’s eyes with my grandkids. We’ve received many letters of appreciation, but I’m most thankful that the kids are aware of and praying for our troops—letting them and veterans know they are not forgotten.

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