Someone Cares: Kindness Recycled

As she helped others with their recyclables others followed suit.

Posted in , Feb 12, 2019

Strangers helping each other recycle.

About once a week, I stop at a local recycling center, my car filled with bottles and cans. On a recent trip, as usual, a number of people already stood in line.

After I hauled my first two bags to the line, a man waiting for his turn asked me, “Do you have more?”

“Lots more,” I told him.

He immediately motioned to his teenage son, and the two of them helped me transfer the rest of my bags from my car to the line. I thanked the man and his son for lending a hand to a total stranger. Their kindness made my day!

The next time I went to the recycling center, I helped an elderly lady unload her recyclables. I didn’t stop there. I assisted a woman who was pouring her bag into a large container to be weighed. Then I helped other people move their containers up in line.

As I neared the front, I glanced back at the people behind me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Everyone in line was helping someone else. The kindness of one stranger had multiplied tenfold.

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