Someone Cares: Love You

She sends messages of love to family and friends when parting ways.

Posted in , Aug 26, 2020

An artist's rendering of someone holding a phone and texting LY.

In 2015, it seemed as if every news broadcast highlighted another tragedy. Mass shootings. Terror attacks in Paris. A train derailment. I wondered if the victims and their loved ones had gotten to exchange one last “I love you.”

I knew how much not saying it could hurt. My husband, Dave, had come home from work one day to discover his mom died of a heart attack; years later, my brother Walt died of hip surgery complications before my dad, my other brother and I could get to the hospital. Not saying goodbye made our loss harder to bear.

Dave and I make sure we always say “I love you” when we part and add LY (for Love you) at the end of all our texts to each other. I also use LY in my messages to loved ones. In a world so unpredictable, why not say “love you” every chance you can?

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