Someone Cares: Not So Lonely Anymore

Reminding people that they are loved through cards has helped heal her lonely heart.

Posted in , Jan 27, 2022

An illustration of a senior woman reading a card; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Every year on Valentine’s Day, my husband, Eugene, surprised me with a sentimental card and a special gift. I always felt so loved. Since Eugene’s passing in 2013, Valentine’s Day has been bittersweet.

A few years ago in February, a woman I knew lost her husband to heart failure. Immediately, I empathized with the woman. I remembered how difficult the first holidays were without Eugene, and I wanted to comfort the new widow and remind her that she wasn’t alone. I wrote a poem about God’s love, printed it on a homemade Valentine’s Day card and mailed it to her.

By the following February, I knew of two more women who’d lost their mates, so I made cards for all three of them. Since then, I’ve kept a list of people who might need a little extra love on Valentine’s Day and sent a card their way.

It’s a small gesture, but reminding people they are loved has helped heal my lonely heart too.

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