Someone Cares: Nurse's Orders

Hospital patients should not have to worry about what to wear when they travel home. These nurses came to the rescue.

- Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Someone Cares: Nurse's Orders

My best friend, Irene, and I meet each week to talk about people in need of prayer. We’re both retired nurses, so one week our prayers turned to those in the hospital. But we wanted to do something more concrete for the patients.

We thought about people in car accidents whose clothes are cut off. Rape victims who have to give their clothing to the police as evidence. Psychiatric patients who need a fresh set of clothes. No one should have to worry about what to wear home from the hospital.

Irene bought inexpensive sweat suits and donated them to area hospitals. The clothes were appreciated so much, she told our church’s women’s ministry about it, and together we gathered more new or gently used sweats. One week we gave our local hospital 92 sweat suits!

Being in the hospital is stressful enough. I’m proud we’re helping people be a little more comfortable on the way home.

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