Someone Cares: Park Here

Parking a care solved a space and safety issue for her neighbor.

- Posted on Sep 25, 2018

Someone Cares: Park Here

I went to see an elderly widow friend of mine recently and noticed there was another car parked next to hers in the carport.

“Did you get a second car?” I asked her. “Or do you have a visitor?”

My friend told me that the second car belonged to some next-door neighbors of hers. One of the teenagers in the family had gotten his first car, and getting it into and out of their driveway meant someone always had to move a car.

“I suggested they park a car here. Now they just come over and get it whenever they need to. They solved a space issue, and I solved a safety issue,” she explained. “When I go out, it looks like someone’s home, and when I’m home alone, it looks like I have company.”

What a great way for my friend to feel safer and help her neighbors at the same time.

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