Someone Cares: Pillows for Patients

How a church came together to make pillows for those with breast cancer.

Posted in , Sep 25, 2019

An artist's rendering of comforting neck pillows in various patterns of blue and pink.

My church, Holy Trinity Lutheran, has a rather large congregation. In 2002, the parish health minister suggested forming a pink ribbon group because at least 20 of us—including me—had breast cancer. (I’ve since completely recovered.)

We met monthly for inspiration, information and support. At one meeting we decided to make neck pillows for other cancer patients as a service project. A neck pillow makes it easier to rest during a chemo session. We picked fleece for the covers so they would be washable. One of our members created a card with our information to attach to the pillows. Another had an embroidery machine and designed an emblem for the pillows.

Fellow congregants donated so much fleece that our Pink Ribbon Support Club enlisted volunteers to help sew, stuff and deliver the pillows to local chemotherapy wards. At my sister’s suggestion, we started praying over each pillow.

We’ve made and prayed over more than 5,000 pillows, and we’ll keep going as long as they’re needed. Hopefully they’re as big a blessing for the recipients as this group has been for me.

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