Someone Cares: Prompted to Pray

Her password prompts are prayer prompts that reminded her to pray for the needs of her own and others.

Posted in , Jul 27, 2022

Illustration of an account password; Illustration by Coco Masuda

My job requires me to switch between multiple computer programs throughout the day. Whenever I change from one program to another, I have to log in using a password. This extra step annoyed me. Then a coworker suggested that I use a prayer as my password. The next time my password needed to be reset, I thought of people in my life who needed prayer. My husband had been going through some medical issues, so I set my password with him in mind. Every time the system prompted me to enter my password, I would type “PrayforHealth21” and murmur a quick prayer for my husband.

When current events have grown alarming, I’ve used the passwords “StoptheVirus19,” “HelpOurWorld21” and “PrayforPeace22.” My password has even reminded me to pray for my own needs, like the time I was recovering from minor injuries and changed my password to “Health&LongLife22.”

Now that my password prompts are prayer prompts, they’re an extra step I look forward to.

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