Someone Cares: Pun Intended

Finding these daily holidays to celebrate each day inspired her to write these clever puns.

- Posted on Dec 26, 2018

A January 2019 calendar with various events.

My husband’s military career often took us far from our beloved Georgia, making me homesick—even with four pairs of feet toddling around. Until the day something silly lightened my spirits: a pizzeria commercial advertising National Pizza Day.

I gathered the kids to make homemade pizza. Later, as I tucked them into bed, I said, “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart!” My husband and the older two kids giggled and groaned.

It was so much fun, I found other holidays to celebrate every day. I wrote cheesy love notes and found Bible verses to match the occasion. More than 20 years later, I’m still going. Now I share with friends on social media. Each morning, I post a picture with a punny saying inspired by the day’s celebration.

My posts have been a hit. One friend said, “When I heard on the radio that it was National Angel Food Cake Day, I couldn’t wait to see if you would use ‘He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you.’” Another friend told me she and her husband cuddled by the fire while writing love notes after I posted it was National Handwriting Day.

How will you celebrate each day with the people you love?

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