Someone Cares: Raised Right

She shares her appreciation of a helpful officer to his mother.

Posted in , Apr 25, 2019

A woman calling an officer's mom and sharing her appreciation.

What a terrible start to a weekend getaway! Someone had stolen my tote from the car. Money, credit cards, medications—everything I needed had been in that bag. I was three hours from home and frantic.

The police officer who answered my call could not have been more helpful. He gave me tips on handling my case, contacted my insurance company and even offered me money to get home. Thanking him didn’t seem like enough. When the officer called to check on me, I got an idea. “I don’t want to be intrusive,” I said, “but you have been simply wonderful. I would love to tell your mother.”

He was delighted and gave me her phone number. His mom was thrilled to hear my glowing report. Ever since, I’ve done the same with the mothers of other exceptional folks. My city’s fire chief, who has shown such leadership and compassion during the opioid epidemic. A nurse who helped me enroll in a program that cut my monthly medication bill by nearly $2,000. The teacher of my special-needs niece.

Sometimes I send a note; sometimes I share my appreciation in person. Whatever the method, mothers love hearing great things about their kids. It makes me feel great too.

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