Someone Cares: Rx for Grief

This special card let this neurosurgeon know that her family appreciated his efforts.

Posted in , Dec 26, 2018

A greeting card with a soaring eagle on the cover. Music notes drift from the card.

My brother, Bo, was only 34 when he died of Stage IV melanoma, which had metastasized to his brain. Still, we got to spend almost an extra year with him, thanks to a talented neurosurgeon—he was optimistic but honest about how removing several tumors would affect Bo’s prognosis.

In the sadness that followed Bo’s death, I felt the urge to write the neurosurgeon a thank-you letter from our family. It took six months of jotting down our feelings before I finally finished it. I put the letter in a card that had a soaring eagle on the front—the neurosurgeon had mentioned someone once told him he was strong like an eagle. I also made a CD of my brother’s favorite songs.

God, I hope I did what you wanted, I thought. And I hope the doctor does not think I am totally ridiculous.

He did not. “I’ve never received anything like this,” he told me. We’ve corresponded a few more times over the past 14 years. It makes me glad I reached out and that he knows how much my family appreciated his work.

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