Someone Cares: School Ties

A Virginia congregation finds a way to keep ministering to its young people even after they've gone off to college.

- Posted on Aug 24, 2017

An artist's rendering of a care box from church

My church, Young’s Chapel, which is in a small Virginia community called Mouth of Wilson, has lots of young people. A couple years ago, we realized we had a lot of high school seniors who would soon be heading off to college. Our pastor’s wife suggested that we come up with a way to keep them connected to church. So we created the college support ministry team.

Once a month, or whenever we feel our college students need extra prayers and encouragement, we meet up to pack care boxes to send to them. We include everything from home-baked goodies and restaurant gift cards to gas cards for trips home and personalized notes to let them know what is going on here. And of course we include our prayers. Each team member also adopts a student for the semester to lend even more encouragement.

The response from our college students has been amazing! They tell us that receiving a card from their church family is a real stress-buster. They feel more prepared to face the next obstacle that comes their way, knowing they are in our thoughts and prayers.

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