Someone Cares: Secret Support

A new idea for Lent turned out to help this church congregation grow closer.

- Posted on Jan 25, 2019

A purple basket full of slips with names of church congregation members.

What are these? I wondered, looking at the slips of paper in a basket in the vestibule of my church. I took one and saw that it asked for a name and address. At the end of Mass, the reader announced that we were trying something new for Lent: secret prayer partners. “Fill out the slip and turn it in,” she said, “so next week you can pick the name of someone you’ll pray for until Easter.”

We’re a close-knit congregation, so when I saw the name of an acquaintance on the slip of paper I picked the next week, I was able to offer prayers for her health concerns and difficult family situations. Some days I simply said a Hail Mary and asked God to watch over her. Knowing that someone was praying for me was wonderful!

For Easter I sent a card to my secret prayer partner to reveal my identity. I received a beautiful one from the woman who had been praying for me. Our church has had secret prayer partners for Lent for 10 years, and it’s helped our congregation grow closer.

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