Someone Cares: Seeds of Happiness

Planting seeds became a source of happiness in the community during the pandemic.

Posted in , May 27, 2021

Illustration of seed sprouts in an egg carrton; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Last spring, while my area was under Covid lockdown, I planted sunflower seeds in empty egg crates. I slit cherry tomatoes and planted those in potting soil. Just days later, I awoke to find that my seedlings had come up. I couldn’t use them all. I offered my extra plants to friends and neighbors, hoping to spread a little happiness during a difficult time.

My doctor planted the sunflowers I gave him outside his office, so his patients could enjoy them on their way in. A friend’s cat passed away; the sunflowers brought my friend some comfort as she mourned. My parents took several tomato plants. Watching the green tomatoes ripen and eating the tasty red ones brought them a lot of pleasure.

When the sunflowers started to bow their heads, I put them on a table outside to feed the birds. But not before gathering some seeds to plant and share again this year.

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