Someone Cares: Share the Love

A widow's first Valentine's Day alone inspires a delightful new tradition.

Posted in , Jan 27, 2017

An artist's rendering of three women sharing a Valentine's Day lunch

I thought I was coping pretty well with my grief at losing Adrian, my husband of 54 years. Then came Valentine’s Day. Cards, flowers, chocolates, red and pink stuffed animals, heart-shaped balloons, recipes for romantic dinners—everywhere I turned there seemed to be another reminder that I was all alone now.

Only one thing made that first Valentine’s Day without my beloved husband bearable: My youngest daughter took me out to a nice restaurant for dinner.

I thought of my friends who are also widows. They probably feel just like I do, I reasoned. I decided to do something about it.

The very next year I invited all of my widowed friends to my home for a Valentine’s Day luncheon—a celebration, really, of the love we had shared with our sweethearts. I set a beautiful table using my finest china and crystal and served up a delicious menu of home-cooked delights. We shared stories about our husbands. The tears came, but so did a lot of smiles and laughter.

Valentine’s Day can be trying for those who have lost their spouses, but ever since that first get-together, our group has been turning it into a real blessing.

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