Someone Cares: Simply the Best

This couple combated their unhappiness during the pandemic by focusing on better things.

Posted in , Oct 26, 2020

Two songbirds singing.

The first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic got my husband, Kevin, and me down. We slipped into the habit of saying “That’s the worst” whenever we heard an alarming news report or encountered a rude person. Griping only added to our unhappiness.

Then I came across a plaque that read: A Grateful Heart Opens the Door to Miracles. We could use a miracle now more than ever. I shared the saying with Kevin and suggested we focus our conversations on the best, not the worst.

We’ve had to clamp our mouths shut sometimes, but we’re making progress. Once, during lunch, I looked out the dining room window. “Those trees full of songbirds are the best!” I said. Kevin grinned. Another time, we were driving down the highway. “Living in a county that takes care of its roads is the best!” Kevin said. I agreed. And my personal favorite? When Kevin told me, “Being married to my best friend is the best!”

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