Someone Cares: Sing Along

How this musician offers Christmas music safely in the midst of a pandemic.

Posted in , Nov 25, 2020

A tablet displaying a piano player; Illustration by Coco Masuda

I’m a musician. Before the pandemic, I performed four or five times a week at nursing homes, hospices and facilities for adults with disabilities. After those places closed to visitors, I wanted to find new ways to provide uplifting music. God answered my prayers with two phone calls.

The first was from an activities director at one of the homes. She asked if I would record performances and post them on YouTube, so she could play them for residents on their information channel. The other was from my cousin’s wife, who was starting kidney dialysis. She asked for CDs to listen to during her appointments. I immediately got started on both, posting 20- to 25-minute performances every week and giving out CDs. Friends from church donated money to defray the cost of making the CDs.

It makes sense to offer Christmas music safely as well. I have a collection of songs on accordion available on CD. I’m recording a new set on my keyboard to post on YouTube for people to sing along to. We might not get to go caroling this year, but we can still fill the halls with holiday joy.

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