Someone Cares: Soul Food

Her messages shared the hope of Easter with the less fortunate.

Posted in , Mar 26, 2019

Three colorful Easter eggs with inspirational messages written on them.

My son, Tim, raises chickens, ducks, guinea hens and quail. He’s the fifth generation in our family to sell his wares at Detroit’s Eastern Market, which has served the city since the nineteenth century. Tim sees quite a few homeless people between his house and the market, and he has often told me how sorry he is that he can’t share his eggs with them, because they would have no way to cook them.

Last year, a week before Easter, he hatched an idea. Tim brought over several extra dozen eggs as I was getting ready to dye eggs for the family. “Mom, would you write something uplifting on these and dye them for me?” he asked. On Easter weekend, Tim was able to hand out hard-boiled eggs with messages like “God loves you” and “Heaven can be yours” to homeless people.

I am so proud that my son found a way to feed not only the bodies but, more important, the souls of those less fortunate by sharing the hope of the Easter message.

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