Someone Cares: Soup’s On

A group of volunteers helps church members celebrate Easter with delicious lunches.

Posted in , Mar 26, 2019

Three kitchenettes with various meals in hand.

When the doors swing open at Calder Baptist Church here in Beaumont, Texas, for the Holy Week noon services, crowds flock in. The service, featuring a sermon by a different guest pastor and musicians each day, ends promptly at 12:30. Just in time for lunch! Everyone walks into our fellowship hall, where they’re greeted by a group of smiling volunteers clad in Easter egg–hued aprons and shirts: the Kitchenettes.

For 50 years, Calder has celebrated Holy Week with midday services that are followed by lunches of homemade soup and sandwiches prepared and served by the Kitchenettes. On Monday, it’s Wanda’s luscious lentil soup. Tuesday brings Tina’s savory spicy vegetable. And on Wednesday, DeAnna’s wild rice and turkey soup delights palates. Church members and visitors get to know each other by breaking bread at our small round tables.

Everyone goes home or back to work after those lunches, warmed by the Word, the fellowship and the delectable soup.

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