Someone Cares: Stop, Shop and Read

The kids at this school learn about smart spending and book recycling from this handy resource called the Bookstop.

- Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Someone Cares: Stop, Shop and Read

It’s wonderful when kids become enthusiastic readers, but what do you do with all the books they outgrow? A fellow parent at the school where I volunteer had a great idea. She and other parent volunteers decorated a spare closet, collected outgrown books and started the Bookstop.

Bookstop, now run by our PTA, is open three days a week before school. The books are organized and priced by reading level. Children use BookBucks at the store: Yellow bills are worth 25 cents, red bills are worth 50 cents, blue bills are worth one dollar and green bills are worth two dollars. 

Students earn BookBucks from their teachers or by being responsible and kind. They can also donate their own books and receive BookBucks in return.

To encourage more kids to come, we hold raffles to earn a spot reading to a therapy dog or to be on the school news reporting on their favorite book.

The Bookstop is a great resource for kids whose families might not be able to afford books, and all the children learn about smart spending and reusing resources. A full curriculum in one closet.

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