Someone Cares: Support the Girls

The special project helps women and girls in various parts of the world with this vital piece of athletic equipment.

Posted in , Aug 26, 2020

Two female athletes holding a sports bra.

I started running in 2013 and quickly realized that wearing a good sports bra is necessary. Fortunately, I have found a number of sports bras that help me stay focused on my performance.

My friend Sarah Dwyer-Shick, a soccer coach, learned women and girls in many countries, including the United States, aren’t able to obtain sports bras—they’re hard to find, expensive and seen as a luxury in places where women don’t tend to play sports. On a trip to Namibia, in Africa, Sarah brought along sports bras as gifts for youth soccer players, only to discover that some women on the national soccer team had never even worn them before.

That prompted her to found the Sports Bra Project in 2017. The group collects and distributes this vital piece of athletic equipment to girls and women in the U.S. and around the world. Many donors are teams that hold sports bra drives; the bras go to community centers and other groups with verified need.

Sarah and her team want to keep breaking down this barrier to athletic participation. The Sports Bra Project accepts donations of new high- and medium-impact sports bras, as well as monetary donations. Ready to organize a drive, or know athletes who need support? Visit

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