Someone Cares: Sweet Art

Make your home and neighborhood brighter by decorating your doors and windows.

Posted in , Jul 24, 2020

An artists rendering of a decorated door with a bee and "kind" written.

I sat on my couch, scrolling through social media. The stay-at-home order was getting me down. I needed to find something productive to do.

I read a post by my cousin Emily. She and her son, Lincoln, had painted their glass front door to cheer up the neighbors. Emily is a beekeeper, so she had drawn a bee and then written the word kind. She divided the rest of the door into sections with tape. She and Lincoln painted each of the sections a different color. And the results? Beautiful! Like stained glass.

I showed my son Nathan. “That looks like the windows at church,” he said. “Since we’re having church at home, we should do that to our windows.” Several hours later, we’d turned our living room windows into “stained glass".

Need a lift? Decorate your door or windows and make your home and neighborhood cheerier. Thanks for the inspiration, Emily and Lincoln!

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