Someone Cares: Sweet Memories

He kept his wife's memory alive through her sweet treats.

- Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Someone Cares: Sweet Memories

I work for a cancer treatment center. One of our patients was a wonderful baker. She would regularly bring in homemade treats for all of us on staff.

About three weeks after the patient passed away, her husband came in with a tray of cookies he’d baked in her honor. Since then, he has kept baking for us, saying that going through his wife’s recipe collection is helping him cope with his grief. As soon as word gets out he’s in the building, we make a beeline to the break room.

We’re into the second year now, and he has yet to repeat a recipe—he says he’ll keep going until he runs out. The different treats he makes have all been so delicious, we don’t have a favorite.

My team appreciates the yummy baked goods, of course, but we’re also thankful this patient’s husband found a sweet way to keep his beloved’s memory alive.

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