Someone Cares: Warmhearted

These spare coats were donated to help others to bundle up.

- Posted on Dec 26, 2018

A woman browsing through a coatrack by a coffee shop.

That’s not right, I thought, looking out my office window at a woman heading to the bus stop without a coat in midwinter. I had several coats in my closet that I’d stopped wearing. What was the point of keeping them when they could be put to good use?

I told my coworkers I planned to hang my spare coats on the office porch with a sign, so they wouldn’t be surprised. Turns out, they had jackets, gloves and hats to give away too. We set up a coatrack and announced our project on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: “We’re giving away free coats to people who need them. Donations appreciated!”

Our rack was full in no time. Whenever inventory got low, I’d post again. The next year, construction made our sidewalk inaccessible, but people still needed coats. I posted our plight on social media.

Now the coatrack stands in a busy coffee shop. Dozens more people are donating and helping even more folks bundle up. That makes me feel warm all over!

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