Someone Cares: We Are Family

She found nostalgic memories in her family photo album that made her day brighter.

Posted in , Sep 25, 2020

An illustration of a photo collage in the shape of a heart.

Earlier this year, during the Covid-19 lockdown, my pastor asked for baby photos of recent graduates for a recognition slideshow. Going through an album to find some of my daughter Julia, who graduated from high school, I found pictures that brought back great memories of times when our family was all together. The photos made me miss everyone so much!

I scanned a few of my favorites from an outing to a water park and sent a group e-mail to the people in the pictures. Everyone shared memories of that day. A few people sent their own photos from other fun times. My sister-in-law sent pictures of a visit to a pumpkin patch. I burst out laughing at one shot of her youngest son riding on my oldest son’s shoulders. My nephew had just eaten caramel corn and put his sticky fingers in my son’s hair.

It was like a virtual family reunion, and it made my day.

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