Someone Cares: You’ve Got Mail

Recieving letters and sending mail when she travels makes all the difference.

Posted in , Feb 26, 2020

An artist's rendering of two family members taking out mail from their mailbox.

Since leaving Virginia for Texas, I have picked up a habit that brings happiness to my family and rewards me as well: sending snail mail.

Most of my peers use smartphones to keep in touch with loved ones, but I take pleasure in picking out pretty cards—as well as gifts like temporary tattoos to send my nieces, who are 13 and 8. My cousin Angie gets postcards when I travel; she especially liked the ones from Hawaii and Taiwan.

Now that my relatives have discovered how much they love getting mail, they’re writing to me too. It’s so nice to see familiar handwriting in the mailbox, knowing someone took the time to let me know I’m on their mind.

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