Someone Cares: You've Got Mail!

A Virginia grandmother comes up with an inspiring way to brighten the lives of her neighbors.

Posted in , Aug 29, 2016

An artist's rendering of circulating greeting cards; Illustration by Penelope Dullughan

One day my teenage grandson Will decided to help me clean my apartment. Vacuuming under my bed, he found a box of old greeting cards. They didn’t have much sentimental value, but when Will went to toss them in the recycling bin, I stopped him.

“Grammy, unless the monsters who live under your bed are different than the ones who lived under mine until you drove them out, they won’t be reading any pretty cards,” Will said.

“I’ll think of something to do with them,” I told him.

Not long after that, I was in my building’s mailroom and heard one of my neighbors say with a sigh, “Nothing in my box again.”

I got out those old cards and cut off the fronts, turning them into postcards. I started writing notes and slipping a card in a different box each day. It’s fun to see my neighbors’ faces brighten as they find they have mail. And my grandson is proud of me for discovering my own recyclable resource.

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