The Crocheted Caps That Showed She Cared

Though she was no expert crafter, she loved crocheting caps for her loved ones and the residents of a homeless women’s shelter, but were her somewhat misshapen efforts appreciated?

- Posted on Dec 19, 2016

Three of Mary's crocheted caps

Crocheting beanie hats for everyone I loved seemed like the perfect winter hobby. I hoped all those recipients knew I had good intentions. All of my beanies were so oddly shaped they made my friends and family look like garden gnomes.

“It’s okay, Mom,” my daughter Amber reassured me. “I’ll take a brown one or red one when you have the time.”

“Really? I’ll make both!”

I felt a burst of inspiration. I would get better at this! I crocheted dozens for the homeless women’s shelter. My sizing was random, but I persevered.

“Don’t worry, Mom! I could use a navy blue and maybe a green when you get around to it,” Amber said, comforting me. Winter after winter my daughter requested more of my creations. She claimed she liked wearing them, but she was probably just being nice.


Amber wore a different kind of hat when she graduated from high school. Next came a nursing cap, then a wedding veil. Meanwhile I crocheted hats for everyone at the food pantry, more for the women at the shelter. Let’s just say every one was unique. Maybe it was time to put away my needles.

“Mom, look what I got out today,” Amber texted me when the weather got cold again. I clicked on the attached picture. She kept her hats all this time?! “You made them with love and that warms me through and through!”

Suddenly I felt pretty toasty and full of love myself. Now where could I have put those crochet needles?

Make your own crocheted cap with our pattern! Right-click this link (control-click on a Mac) to save the pattern to your desktop in PDF format.

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