The Ripple Effect of an Act of Kindness

An angelic act of kindness that delighted two people–the giver and the receiver

Posted in , Mar 16, 2016

An act of kindness can make someone's day

I often cut through the market in New York's Grand Central Station on my way to the commuter train home. The loose spices and teas, the fish, the meats, the breads and cheeses–all are as wonderful as Grand Central Station itself. There’s always something yummy to taste, and the other day I stepped over to sample their lentil hummus.

“I love love love your ring,” the young woman who spread some on a cracker for me said. I had to look at my finger to remember that I was wearing my blue ring, the one from the drugstore. It was inexpensive to begin with, and half off, and I halfway liked it, and when my prescription was ready I put the ring on the counter with it. I’d only worn it a couple times since.

“Anything blue, I love it,” the woman said. “It’s my color.” There was a line forming behind me, so I thanked her for the hummus, and the compliment, and went on my way. But the schedule board showed a train delay. There was just enough time to run back to the market.

“Enjoy it,” I said, handing over the drugstore ring.

The woman beamed. “Really? This makes my day.”

I don’t know what took me so long to do the littlest thing for somebody, because, boy, did it feel good. What was your favorite random act of kindness?

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