People Helping People

A talking banana saying phrases of encouragement and positivity.

Someone Cares: Go Bananas

This lunchlady wrote encouraging messages on bananas for students to enjoy.

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A purple basket full of slips with names of church congregation members.

Someone Cares: Secret Support

A new idea for Lent turned out to help this church congregation grow closer.

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A pink baggie with a 'H.U.G.' note and Hershey Kisses.

Someone Cares: You've Been Hugged

A campaign to remind service and retail workers on Valentine's Day that they are appreciated was just what the community needed.

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Justin Dillon on efforts to end human trafficking

Musician Justin Dillon Answers Call to Help End Human Trafficking

The singer and activist knew he needed to do more than peform benefit concerts. What he did next surprised even him.

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He Led Hundreds of Jewish Children to Safety During the Holocaust

He Led Hundreds of Jewish Children to Safety During the Holocaust

Georges Loinger was a former POW and member of the French Resistance who helped smuggle at least 350 Jewish children out of occupied France.

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A woman browsing through a coatrack by a coffee shop.

Someone Cares: Warmhearted

These spare coats were donated to help others to bundle up.

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A greeting card with a soaring eagle on the cover. Music notes drift from the card.

Someone Cares: Rx for Grief

This special card let this neurosurgeon know that her family appreciated his efforts.

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A January 2019 calendar with various events.

Someone Cares: Pun Intended

Finding these daily holidays to celebrate each day inspired her to write these clever puns.

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Rodney Smith, Jr.

Helping the Homeless Is What His Father Taught Him

He and other volunteers spread warmth and cheer one sleeping bag at a time.

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An early Christmas on the subway

An Early Christmas on the Subway

Fellow passengers show kindness to a homeless woman on a New York City train.

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The blessings of giving to others.

Why Giving Matters

The rewards of helping those in need far outweigh the cost to your pocketbook.

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An illustration of a woman in a holiday sweater holding her a large dish of spaghetti and meatballs.

Someone Cares: Helping of Love

Along with selling her mother's belongings, she shared her mother's legacy of helping others.

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