People Helping People

An illustration of an elderly man singing the "Happy Birthday" song to others over the phone.

Someone Cares: Birthday Man

His birthday calls helps him stay connected and the church community always looks forward to his voice.

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A pink heart with assorted handmade jewelry.

Someone Cares: Like A Diamond

Her new creations include a small card with a powerful message behind her brand's name.

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Sather Gowdy, founder of Heal Spokane

Everyday Greatness: He Healed His Pain with Acts of Kindness

After a series of losses, Sather Gowdy withdrew from the world, but the law student, and founder of Heal Spokane, got back on a positive path by helping others. 

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Aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael: How You Can Help

Hurricane Michael was the most powerful storm to hit Florida in decades. Here’s what you can do to help.

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Keriann Otano and Dane Suarez's wedding photo

Hurricane Florence: 5 Stories of Hope

From improvised weddings to a modern day Noah's Ark, strangers stepped up after Hurricane Florence. 

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A illustration depicting a young woman and older woman holding sprouted flower bulbs.

Someone Cares: Flower Power

Every year flowers from the important women in her life bring joy to others around her.

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An illustration of two cartoon cars smiling next to each other.

Someone Cares: Park Here

Parking a care solved a space and safety issue for her neighbor.

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An illustration depicting three mini pumpkins with mailing address labels.

Someone Cares: The Great Pumpkin

Every October her friend sends a special token to those who need a spiritual lift.

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House flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence: How You Can Help

How you can help the areas hit by Hurricane Florence

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Helping others

A Different Kind of Church

When it comes to worshipping God, there are lots of places and ways to do so. Here's one.

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Two volunteer veterans teaming up to help those in need due to natural disasters.

Someone Cares: On the Ground

This volunteer organization deploys veterans to help aid natural disasters.

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A person texting a counselor on the Crisis Text Line for help.

Someone Cares: Text Help

This modern way to get help is handy for those battling their own personal crisis.

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