People Helping People

An illustration of a family holiday dinner; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: The Gift of Kindness

Instead of receiving gifts, she asked her family to spread kindness to those in need.

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Hospital chaplain Adam Ruiz; photo by Alton Strupp-USA TODAY NETWORK

Amazing Acts of Compassion During the Covid Crisis

A hospital chaplain tells us what inspired him during the difficult early months of the pandemic.

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Jen Owens (left), founder of Forai, a faith-based nonprofit; photo courtesy Jen Owens

Everyday Greatness: Helping Immigrant Women Find Their Way

Jen Owens started a faith-based organization in St. Louis that employees female refugees and immigrants.

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How to give with joy and love.

The Gift of Joyous Giving

When it comes to helping others, let love be your guide.

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Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

After 60 Years a Korean War Veteran Gets Diagnosed with PTSD

Serving God and others helped this pastor cope with his traumatic memories.

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An illustration of a woman laughing at her cellphone; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: A Laugh A Day

Her daily emails brought a much needed laugh to family and friends.

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An illustration of three patriotic blanket bundles; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Comfort for Veterans

This nonprofit organization provides aid and comfort to America’s heroes.

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An illustration of a Halloween bucket filled with various goodies; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: A Boo for You

How spreading Halloween cheer became a way to feel more connected in the community.

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Cathy Heying, founder of Lift Garage; photo by Matthew Gilson

God Led Her to Open a Non-Profit Repair Shop for Low-Income Drivers

A still, small voice told her to do something she’d never imagined: Open a non-profit automotive service center to help those with limited resources.

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Lennon Flowers, cofounder of The Dinner Party; photo courtesy Lennon Flowers

Everyday Greatness: Helping Young Adults Who Grieve

This nonprofit offers comfort and community by hosting dinner parties for grieving people ages 21-45.

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Cathy Heying, founder of Lift Garage;video by Matthew Gilson

An Unlikely Mechanic's Tips for Second-Act Careers

Cathy Heying, founder and executive director of a non-profit auto repair shop that serves low-income people in Minnesota, offers advice on how you can recognize when it's time to follow a new direction in life.

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Adam Harvison (right); photo courtesy Harvison House

Everyday Greatness: Helping Veterans Feel at Home

His volunteer group, Harvison House, helps low-income veterans furnish their homes.

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Journalist Stephen Henderson at a soup kitchen in St. Louis, MO; photo courtesy Stephen Henderson

Feeding the Hungry Around the World

Journalist Stephen Henderson heard the call to visit soup kitchens in many countries around the world.

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Four women making a telephone call; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Reach Out and Touch Someone

She received an unexpected blessing by reconnecting through phone calls during the pandemic.

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